Family Vacations

Michael and Faye Jenkins believe in getting kids away from computers and spending time together as a family. Michael works from home much of the time and therefore can see and spend time with the family more than if he was at work 8 hours a day – Michael worked a ton of hours each week to run the family businesses – janitorial and software – to get them to where they are at today. A vacation for the Jenkins family is anytime they can get away and spend time together, whether locally or somewhere out of state. Family time is precious, and children grow up so fast. Michael and Faye Jenkins believe in giving children responsibility and put them in charge of different activities and family responsibilities when they go on vacations. Since Faye travelled the world prior to meeting Michael, Faye is a great resource of wonderful places to go and things to do. Family vacations sometimes do not work for Michael and Faye’s teenagers though because they are so busy, but many times Michael and Faye’s teenagers will change their schedules to come on family vacations because they know how fun they are.