The Kids

Michael and Faye Jenkins from Springville do everything out of love for their children. They have 5 boys and 2 girls ranging from 22 to 4 years old as of the year 2017. Michael Jenkins loves having older children and younger children. The older children are so busy in their lives, that time with them is scarce and sacred, while Michael and Faye spend daily time teaching and being with their younger children.


As of 2017, Braden is 22, has 32 inch legs, is an Olympic Weightlifter, has set many state records, grew up playing baseball, football and rugby, and now coaches cross fit, Olympic Weightlifting and is a personal trainer.


Ryan is 18, works out 2-3 hours a day in the gym, benches more than twice his weight, has been told he could get into MLB if he wanted, is one of the best baseball pitchers in Utah, is an excellent musician – singer and songwriter, graduated with better than a 3.7 GPA, sells insurance, and is very passionate about life.


Zach is 16, is now a Junior at Timpanogas high school, grew up playing baseball – was one of the best 2 nd baseman and best base runners in Utah with 24 trophies and medals, has broke over 12 state records in Olympic Weightlifting and took 1 st place last year in Nationals in the Snatch lift, works out 2 to 5 hours a day, and has a great GPA.


Adam is 11, is a red belt in karate, writes songs, plays the piano incredibly well, and plays the guitar. Elizabeth is 9, is beautiful and almost as tall as Adam, also plays the piano incredibly well, is also a red belt in karate, and plays the violin very well also.


Jason is 6, plays the piano, is a green/gold belt in karate, is one of the top readers in his class, and loves baseball and other sports.


Katelyn is 4, is very active, loves to do chores and work with Michael Jenkins doing “honey-do- list” things, plays the violin also (a little one ��), and also does karate and plays the piano. Michael and Faye Jenkins love their kids so so much!