Our Story

Michael Jenkins was born in 1969 and was one of 9 children. Faye Wheeler was born in 1975 and was one of 10 children. Michael started working in his dad’s janitorial business at age 8 – managing employees at age 14, managing sales at age 16, and running the business at age 18. Michael graduated from Liberty High School at age 16 and went to Ricks College in Idaho for 1 semester, returning home to run the family business. Michael went on a LDS mission to Santa Rosa, California and returned to fun the family business again. Faye is from Las Vegas and grew up with lots of responsibility as well. She earned money to go to college at a young age, and served a LDS mission – in Guadalajara, Mexico – where she learned Spanish. Faye graduated from BYU and worked for the Forest Service. Michael and Faye met in a singles ward for the LDS church, and became friends after Michael’s divorce from his first wife. Faye and Michael Jenkins became best friends and got married in 2005. Faye immediately became a step mom to Michael’s 3 children from his first married, and had 4 more children with Michael. Michael and Faye Jenkins live in Springville, Utah now and love spending time with each other and their children.