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Our Story

Michael Jenkins was born in 1969 and was one of 9 children. Faye Wheeler was born in 1975 and was one of 10 children. Michael started working in his dad’s janitorial business at age 8 – managing employees at age 14, managing sales at age 16, and running the business at age 18. Michael graduated from Liberty High School at age 16 and went to Ricks College in Idaho for 1 semester, returning home to run the family business.

Family Vacations

Michael and Faye Jenkins believe in getting kids away from computers and spending time together as a family. Michael works from home much of the time and therefore can see and spend time with the family more than if he was at work 8 hours a day – Michael worked a ton of hours each week to run the family businesses – janitorial and software – to get them to where they are at today.

The Kids

Michael and Faye Jenkins from Springville do everything out of love for their children. They have 5 boys and 2 girls ranging from 22 to 4 years old as of the year 2017. Michael Jenkins loves having older children and younger children. The older children are so busy in their lives, that time with them is scarce and sacred, while Michael and Faye spend daily time teaching and being with their younger children.